Exclusive | The Media Center of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development


On Thursday  dawn,  14 Safar/ 1 October ,  the delegation of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development moved 215 kilometers away from Tarim in a humanitarian campaign to Masilat Al-Ahrar. This campaign also aimed to spread the teachings of Islam in that place. Masilat Al-Ahrar is in Al-Soom District, which is located in the easternmost plateaus of Hadramout Governorate. This area suffers from its lack to the most basic services and necessities of life, such as food, health, and education. The majority of the population of this area live in simple shanties made of palm trunks and leaves. As a result of the tragic and deteriorating humanitarian situation in this area, and in order to help the needy people and stand with them to meet their needs, the management of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development launched a campaign of humanitarian aid lasted for three consecutive days.

Mr. Salim bin Omar bin Hafeez and  Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Mula Al-Dawilah, the Director of the Foundation, were the head of this  delegation. They were accompanied by Abu Bakr bin Hassan Belfaqeeh, a representative of the department of guidance in the Foundation, Mr. Hassan J’afar Mula Al-Dawilah, a member of the local council in Al-Soom district), the field coordinator for the campaign and the rest of the Foundation’s field team.

The first stop was Hazaf village which is the first area belongs to Masilat Al-Ahrar. The delegation arrived after a difficult  journey through the plateaus and slopes. It took 11 hours to reach Masilat Al-Ahrar, the  target area by the Foundation. Abu Bakr bin Hassan Belfaqeeh gave awareness speech on prayer, its obligatory acts and how to maintain it with care. Then the team moved to Thawbah area to pray Al-Maghrib and Isha and make a religious and awareness speech in the mosque of the area. The speech was made by Mr. Salim bin Omar bin Hafeez. After that the delegation attended a wedding party and participated the people of the area in the activities of the wedding party and expressed their happiness of this wedding.

In the early morning of Friday, 15 Safar/ 2 October, the Foundation delegation distributed food baskets in Teryot area. The target families were 100 in several areas  of Masilat Al-Ahrar. The single basket contains a group of food items such as rice, flour, sugar, cooking oil, milk, etc. The value of the single basket is  175 SAR, and the  total is 17,500 Sar. Cash at the value of 500,000 SAR were also distributed to needy families in  Masailat Al-Ahrar. Then the delegation moved to pray Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer) in Thawbah area. Mr. Salim bin Omar bin Hafeez  delivered the sermon of Jumu’ah. After the prayer Mr. Salim bin Hafeez answered the people’s questions on religious aspects and problems in their life, such as livestock zakat. By the way, most of the people of Al-Masila are involved in the trade of livestock. ..

At the end of the campaign, the people of Masilat Al-Ahrar thanked the management of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development for this nice and humanitarian gesture that made a great impact on their hearts. They felt  happy because they found people sharing them their concern about life difficulties and how to overcome them.  They have difficulties in their life because of the lack of services and the difficult economic situations in our country.  They extended their heartfelt thanks to all  contributors  in this campaign and they hoped to see such  humanitarian campaigns many times in the future