Privet / media of Alwedad foundation for development

Within the administrative foundational program for training and habilitate the humans Alwedad and Alaqiq foundations prepared many of courses in many developing parts on Tuesday and Wednesday 10 and 11 second Rabi’e unify with 24 and 25 of November for numbers of trainers for the media, development, religious and educational foundations in Tarim city in Hadramout government

The title of first course “The chances and the challenges in technology world” for the international trainer Ahmed Yousef Alhasany (specialized in smart intelligence from UAE) that course contains many axes like the modern ways in new technology world in our life world and how to deal with it during its fast improvements, as he talked about Google programs and its types and explanation about the most famous platform in documenting world and very important source for information (Wikipedia) in additional to the improving methods in administrative of writing the contents in social media, also interesting in blogs as researches and scientific sources which the researcher need it these days and good deal with the browsers in the internet, the title of the second course was “ the administration of modern endowments “ with the international trainer Ahmed Alwi Alsagaf (specialized in Islamic endowments affairs in UAE) which focus on the kinds of endowments figih and correct dealing with endowments problems which always face the foundations in additional to successful projects in endowments in it’s different kinds.

And the title of the last course was “skills of the leader supervisor” for the trainer Omer Abdulaqader Bin Sumit (specialized in work leadership and electronic marketing) where his course focus on skills of leadership, supervisors of work, deal with problems and solve them and finally administrate the meetings and how to plan for them.

Also the representative of the following foundations attended:

Alwastia university for Islamic and human sciences, media department in Dar Almostafa for Islamic studies, Alrafh foundation for social and educational development, Elerth Alnaboi TV channel, Alasalh foundation for heritage culture and development, Islamic educational Rabats and their occupational and educational centers, Mr Sheikh Abdulrahman Alkaff endowments, Rabat Tarim for teach the religious and Arabic sciences, Alshrea’a collage in Alahgaf university, Zain office for consulting engineers, Endowments of Sheikh Ali bajorsh mosque, Endowments of Jamal allil mosque, Quba investment group, Almarsd Alnabwi center and Alnoor center for Islamic researches and studies.