Alefadh medical foundation in definition visiting for Alwedad foundation for development

Privet / media of Alwedad foundation for development

Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Mola Aldawilah The manager of the foundation received a delegation from Alefadh medical foundation they were the engineer Abobaker Alufri (vice of the general manager), the engineer Salem bin Mahri (sales and marketing) and teacher Mohammed Alsagaf (production specialized) the visitors knew the activates of the foundations and the most important of the projects which the foundation made them in the previous period as he browsed the ways of the cooperation and sharing between the foundations by making developmental projects on health field and take care of them by make medical camping in different specialized which the society and round environment need it

At the end of the meeting the visitors thanked the administration of the foundation for the good receiving asking god for successes both of them in all the activities and different human works.