The proficient of strategic planning the engineer Adel Alkaff make private workshop in improvement planning for sharing administrations

Privet / media of Alwedad foundation for development

Alwedad foundation for improvement made a private workshop to put the brick of improvement planning for many of sharing administrations with the international trainer Adel Alwi alkaff proficient of strategic planning, improve the performance and project management (pmp, sppme.kppl) that workshop was made for collect of educational, religious and developmental foundations in Tarim city

The course included the following axis:

The main definition of administration

How to recruitment the administrative definitions with the privacy of the foundation in preparing plans for Various reports.

Changing administrator

Foundation’s Maturity

The government and its applications

At the end of the workshop the engineer Adel Alwi Alkaff thanked the administration of the foundation for giving him this chance to make this workshop specialized in strategic planning.