The manager of Altawakol group for creating and building and his companions in a definition visiting for Alwedad foundation for development

Private .. the media of Alwedad foundation

On Sunday morning 18th Jamad akhir with in 31st of January the Doctor Farag Amer the manager of of Altawakol group for creating and building visited Alwedad foundation for development With him Mr. Hashim Karama Hassan Alamoudi .

And Mr. Mohammed Haddad Alkaff the manager of Tarim hospital and the engineer Abdulrhman Abdullah Aljunaid the manager of The executive unit for sewage project in Tarim and Say’un cities and the manager of the foundation Mr. Adullah Ahmed Saleh Mola Aldawilah, they knew during the visiting the main activities, works and goals of the foundation, also they knew the future projects in charity and developmental works, and they gave them brief overview about the works of Altwakol group in these days in the project of sewage in Tarim city whereas the manager of foundation blessed this works praying them success in this important project according to engineering descriptions in best ways and making strong infrastructure to the city and offering his help to serve this blessed city.

They complement on the hardworking of the foundation asking Allah success in the charity working at the end of the meeting they passed in the parts of the foundation and knew they works