Exclusive / Al-Wedad Foundation for Development

Al-Wedad Foundation for Development concluded a training and qualifying course in radio and TV presentation last Wednesday, Muharram 24th –  September 1st. The trainer of this course was Asa’d Abdullah Al-Sha’bi, specialist in media for more than 20 years. This course was held in coordination with Al-Madina Center for media production and it lasted from August 29th to September 1st.  The course was attended by   a number of statesmen, media institutions, and community and media figures in Tarim.

The closing ceremony of the course, which was held in Wahat Al-Ghanna, was attended by  Khalid Awad Huweidi, the Director General of Tarim District, Abdullah Ramadan Ba-Juham, the Director of Social Affairs and Labor in Hadhramaut Valley and Desert, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah Bashueib, the head of  Social Affairs and Labor Office  in Tarim, and Mr. Abdullah bin Humeidan, the Director of  Culture Office in Tarim.

The closing ceremony was special. The events of party were in a new way as a radio and television program was  presented by the trainees. There were also Islamic songs, and interviews with the guests of the party. Khalid Huweidi, the Director General of Tarim District, and Abdullah Ba-Juham, the Director General of  Social Affairs and Labor Office   in Hadramout Valley and Desert, made  speeches at the party. There was a speech on the behalf of the Foundation and Al-Madina Center delivered by Ahmed Sa’d Al-Khatib. Mr. Asa’d Abdullah Al-Sha’bi, the trainer of the course, also gave a speech.Then a short play was performed by the trainees of the course  impressed the attendees.

The course included a number of themes, and the most important were:

  • How to stay inside the studio and how to use the microphone properly.
  • An overview of ​​the types of radio programs, specifically religious ones.
  • The best way to write, prepare, and the stages of reaching professionalism in radio and TV presentation.
  • Some basic means to improve the tone of the voice and use different ways of performance
  • The talent of drama and conversational act of the announcer.
  • A brief description of the news performance and voice-over.
  • A number of media institutions from Tarim participated in this course, most notably:
  • Noor Al-Iman Radio – Dar Al-Mustafa
  • Al Maher Radio FM
  • Nahda Radio FM
  • AL-Erith Satellite Channel
  • AlGhanna local channel – Tarim

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Mula Al-Dawilah, the Director of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development, Mr. Khalid Howaidi, and Mr. Abdullah Baghamhonored, honored the trainees and the media institutions participating in the course. Mr. Asa’d Al-Sha’bi was also honored for his efforts he made in the course and reflected clearly in the closing ceremony as a vivid practical example of what was achieved in the course.  Those who contributed and participated for the success of this qualification course were also honored.