Exclusive / Al-Wedad Foundation for Development

Al-Wedad Foundation for Development  issued the second issue of Al-A’mal Magazine. This magazine is a periodic development magazine that contributes in spreading the culture of charitable work.

In the editorial of this issue, the editor-in-chief of the magazine indicated that Al-A’mal Magazine is based on the principle of seeking and doing good deeds in the field of goodness to spread what benefits people through meaningful press content that helps in promoting charitable, developmental and humanitarian works and highlighting and publishing them through a group of meaningful scientific articles.

The editor-in-chief emphasized that the magazine adopts the idea of doing ​​what can contribute in raising the level of community development by promoting values ​​and establishing the culture of charitable, voluntary and social work.

The second issue of the magazine contains a number of valuable topics and articles. The most prominent article was the initiative of the Al-Wedad Foundation for Development to alleviate the suffering of those who affected by the flash floods  that occurred in Tarim in Ramadan last year.  This terrible tragedy was addressed through a historical article about the blessing of water and the role of the Hadrami community in preserving it.

In this issue, the magazine made an interview with Sheikh Salih Ba-Jurish. In this interview, the magazine tried to identify the reality and ambitions of charitable and humanitarian work in Hadhramaut. It t was an interesting interview  that is worth reading and contemplation.

There is also a number of   meaningful and scientific  articles about charitable and humanitarian work.


To read and download the second issue, please visit the magazine’s page on the Foundation’s website