Exclusive | The Media Center of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development

According to the schedule of visits and meetings of the medical  and administrative  staff of  Out-reach Clinician Development Organization to Tarim, Al-Wedad Foundation for Development organized the first consultative meeting and executive workshop for a group of charities which are interested in the medical and healthy side in Hadramout Valley such as  Out-reach Clinician Development Organization, Al-Shifa C.E. ,   Al-Altaf Charity  Charity, Al-Balsam Charity, and Al-Wedad Foundation for Development as well as the directors of Tarim General Hospital and Aideed Charity Hospital. This meeting was organized in coordination with I’mar Foundation for Development.

Abdurrahman Al-Sweini,  the head of Out-reach Clinician Development Organization delegation  started the meeting thanking everyone for responding to the invitation of  Al-Wedad Foundation for Development. He also praised the interaction of the government bodies and civil society organizations to develop the healthy and service side in the treatment centers in the big medical institutions in Hadramout Valley  by organizing specialized medical camps  with high quality and services that meets the needs of people in these current situations in our country.

On behalf of all  present medical and  charitable  institutions in the meeting, Mr. Abdullah bin Ismael Al-Aidaroos, the Director of Aideed Charity Hospital, talked and welcomed the visit of Out-reach Clinician Development Organization.  He expressed their  happiness with such  visits and good  meetings  that will pick its fruit in improving the medical and healthy side in our country .

After that, the attendees engaged   in dialogues and constructive  discussions in order to organize  a public charitable medical camp in Tarim to  provide treatment services in  different medical specializations.  Everyone provided data and field statistics which determine the type of specializations to meet the need of  Tarimi  citizens. after extensive discussions, they decided to organize a general charitable medical camp, which will be in the specialization of ophthalmology with participation of high qualified doctors and specialists in the field of ophthalmology. This camp will be organized in Tarim General Hospital and Aideed Charity Hospital for a week, and it will be prepared and equipped by the attendees after this meeting.

At the end of the meeting, everyone thanked Al-Wedad Foundation for Development and its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Abdullah  bin Ahmed Mula Al-daweilah on hospitality and sponsoring such good  meetings.