Exclusive | The Media Center of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development

 Al-Wedad Foundation for Development implemented the sacrifice project for the year 1441A.H. in some neighborhoods of Tarim in compliance with  the great prophetic guidance concerning the reward of sacrifice in Zu al-Hijjah month according to what was narrated that the prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: ” The human being does not do any deeds on the day of Sacrifice more beloved to Allah than spilling blood. On the Day of Resurrection , it will come with its horns, hair, and hooves, and indeed the blood will be accepted by Allah before  it reaches the ground, so let your heart delight when you do it.”

The number of sacrifices was   about 456.  The sacrifices were 243 sheep, 210 goats, and 3 camels.   The total Number of beneficiaries was 20370  and the total cost of the project was 213,810  Saudi riyals. At the end of the project, the management of the Foundation would like to thank all contributors and benefactors  for their participation in this project.