Exclusive | The Media Center of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development

In order to take advantage of  Ramadan  month and gain a double reward in this blessed month by offering a helping hand to the needy and low-income people, Al-Wedad Foundation for Development implemented a number of various charitable and developmental projects in a number of districts of Hadramout Valley. These projects were with the participation of some contributors from various countries such as  the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman … etc.

Here are the names and items of the charitable projects:

1-    Project of feeding a fasting person :

This project includes the distribution of  breakfast meals for fasting people, such as dates, bottles of water, juice , and dinner. These meals were cooked in delicious  Ramadan dishes and distributed daily to the needy people during the month. The number of beneficiaries were 5998. The Foundation also made several projects of feeding fasting people  in Tarim mosques.

2-   Project of distributing food basket:


This project includes preparing a food basket which has all food items that families need  during Ramadan, such as rice, flour, oil, sugar, tea, tuna, tomato paste, and powdered milk. The number of beneficiaries were 505.

3-   Project of financial aid :

Due to the current situation in our country because of the deterioration of economy  and rise of prices,  the need to this project was required to support and assist the needy families in meeting their needs and repaying their debts.  The number of families that benefited from this project was 842, and the amount of money was 21,661,525 Rial Yemeni (120.763 SAR).

   4-   Project of Ramadan meat:

Because some needy families could not have meat  on their Ramadan tables, we implemented this project. 121 families benefited from the project during Ramadan.

5-  Project of  distributing dates:

To follow the Prophetic guidance and gain a great reward of feeding fasting people,  the Foundation distributed dates to some needy families. The number of beneficiaries of this project was  1810.

6-   Project of  Eid clothing:

For the sake of making needy families who do not have enough money to buy Eid clothes feel happy,  the Foundation implemented this project which contributed to offer clothes for 26 beneficiaries. The cost of clothes for the single person is 60 SAR and the total  is 1560 SAR .

7-   Project of  offering financial assistance to mu’takif (mu’takif is someone who confines himself in a mosque for the purpose of worshiping Allah)

Ramadan is  distinguished by many features and the most important one is i’tikaf (seclusion in a mosque for the purpose of worshiping Allah) which Muslims hasten to do, especially in the last ten days. The Foundation sponsored three secluded people in Mula A’ideed mosque in Tarim. The amount of contribution for the single person is 450 SAR.

8-  Project of fast-breaking zakat  

One of the deeds that Muslim do to be close to Allah at the end of Ramadan is fast-breaking zakat.  The Foundation distributed this Zakat at three levels, excellent first class, excellent rice, first class wheat . The number of beneficiaries of this project was 450.

The Foundation also completed  other  projects in Ramadan , such as the new expansion of Fughmah mosque, furnishing Al-A’ttas mosque in Kodat Aal Bin Fureij, and so on.