Exclusive | The Media Center of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development

On Monday  5th of Muharram,  The staff of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development received its guests in its new building in Tarim-Hadramout. The guests attended to participate in the ceremony of the official opening of the Foundation. the ceremony had a large number of statesmen in the Governorate, notably  Abdullah Ramadan Ba-Juham(Director of the Office of the Ministry of Social  Affairs  And Labor ), Khalid Huweidi  (General Director  of Tarim District ). Scholars, and notables were also in the ceremony and foremost among the attendees were Habib Omar bin Mohammed bin Hafeez (Dean of  Dar Al-Mustfa  for Islamic Studies),  Habib  Abu Bakr Al-Adeni bin Ali Al-Mashhoor  (Director of Islamic  Education Schools  and Vocational Institutes in Yemen ), and Sheikh Ali Salim Bukyyir (a member of the Consultative Council and Fatwa Council in Tarim). Directors of civil organizations and institutions in Hadramout Valley, dignitaries, and public figures were also there to participate in the ceremony.

Habib  Abu Bakr Al-Adeni bin Ali Al-Mashhoor  was the first one  coming to the  Foundation building. The Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation ,  Abdallah bin Ahmed Mula Al-Daweilah, was there to receive Habib Abu Bakr  and take him on a tour of the Foundation departments and enlightened him on the most prominent activities of the Foundation. Then the guests came  one After  another.

The ceremony started with reading  verses of Quran recited by Alwi  bin Abdullah Al-Shatri. After that, the attendees listened to a chant performed by Alwi Abdullah Al-Shatri. Then Salih Al-Khatib, a Board member of  the Foundation Trustees, made a  speech. He welcomed the  guests and thanked them for attending this ceremony. Al-Khatib gave the attendees a summary about the work of the Foundation through explaining its missions, goals, future vision, and the most prominent developmental activities during the past period of  establishing the Foundation. This was done by a motion graphic  show. Abdallah Awad  Ba-Juham, the Director of the Social Affairs and Labor,  made a speech on behalf of  the public management of the social affairs. Ba-Juham congratulated the administration of  Foundation  on the official opening which is going to be a seed of hope which is going to improve the developmental and charitable work in our country.  He gave all those present the regards of Isam Habreish Al- Kathiri, the sub-governor of Hadramout for the Affairs of Valley and  Desert, and his congratulations on the opening of the Foundation. He appreciated the role of these developmental foundations on the ground because they participate in relieve the suffer of people and help them in their daily needs in life due to the bad situations in our country.

The speech of  the local authority was delivered by Kalid Huweidi, the  Director-General of Tarim District. He talked about the big efforts made by these developmental and charitable foundations in Tarim.  “We experienced this during  the pandemic of Corona through cooperation between the civil community organizations in Tarim.” Huweidi said. He said that  during the period of its establishment,  Al-Wedad Foundation  did considerable work to people who are in dire need of help and this suggests that the  Foundation pays real attention to promote and improve the developmental and humanitarian work in our country. “We hope that Al-Wedad Foundation to be in the leading big charitable organizations in the future.” Huweidi added.  On behalf of the scholars, Sheikh  Ali Salim Bukyyir, a member of the Consultative Council and Fatwa Council in Tarim, gave a speech to the attendees. He welcomed the opening of the Foundation and asked Allah to benefit the people by these deeds. He quoted Quran as saying that “Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers.” He appreciated the great efforts made by those who work in the Foundation, first and foremost Abdallah bin Ahmed Mula Al-Daweilah, the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation.  At the end of his speech, Sheikh Ali Salim Bukyyir said that we are in need at this time to be together particularly in such charitable deeds wherever people are in need to them in all aspects of life.


The closing speech was given by Habib  Omar bin Mohammed bin Salim bin Hafeez, Deen of Dar Al-Mustfa for Islamic Studies. His speech focused on some major areas. He mentioned that appearances in these occasions do not have a real impact unless they were sincere for Allah. He also said that such charitable deeds must be based on sincerity for Allah and followed by perfection to which the Prophet guided us as he says
“Allah will be pleased with those who try to do thier work in a perfect way ” Accomplishment is important factor and this can be through quitting laziness in work, keeping discipline to reach the high prophetic goals, cooperation, integration, and creating fair competition between those who are responsible for such charitable and developmental deeds.

The ceremony ended with supplication and reading Al-Fātihah by the  Sheikhs who asked Allah to give success for this Foundation and to make its beginning a ray of hope  in the world of humanitarian work in several places in our country.