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Who We Are

– Our Message

We seek to improve the level of person and community lives through programs and development projects with high efficiency with a community and international partnerships by observance of private in work.

– Our Vision

Leadership in development to gain strong effect.

Our Goals

  • Contribute in improving the community and person lives by:a- reducing the living burdens periodically from the varieties of the community who in need yearly.
    b- Contribute in reducing the unemployment by habilitation many people in jobs, profession and technical fields.
    c- Share the communication in works and in social, religious, cultures occasions.
  • Contribute in spread the self-sufficiency culture in the local communication by:a- sharing the effective people in the communication in spread the self-sufficiency culture.
    b- Make partnerships with social foundations to spread definitions of the self-sufficiency.
    c- Write awareness posts in definitions of the self-sufficiency.

Latest News

Our Latest News

whatsapp image 2022 09 24 at 12.39.09 pm

Salam Organization from South Africa on a visit to Al-Wedad Foundation for Development

22 August، 2022
“Salam Organization from South Africa on a visit to Al-Wedad Foundation for Development” Exclusive | Media Center of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development Last Monday evening, August 22nd, A ...المزيد ...

Charitable Endowment

-Interests in endowments sides which contains many charity projects like ensures which specialized in life orders which the person and the community live with them to serve and support them by providing continuously financial revenues from the contributes gain to eliminate on this phenomenon and support their different sorts in all community sides.