About AL-Wedad Foundation

Who are we

  • Our MessageWe seek to improve the level of person and community lives through programs and development projects with high efficiency with a community and international partnerships by observance of private in work.
  • Our VisionLeadership in development to gain strong effect.
  • Our Goals
  • 1 - Contribute in improving the community and person lives by:a- reducing the living burdens periodically from the varieties of the community who in need yearly.
    b- Contribute in reducing the unemployment by habilitation many people in jobs, profession and technical fields.
    c- Share the communication in works and in social, religious, cultures occasions.
  • 2 - Contribute in spread the self-sufficiency culture in the local communication by:a- sharing the effective people in the communication in spread the self-sufficiency culture.
    b- Make partnerships with social foundations to spread definitions of the self-sufficiency.
    c- Write awareness posts in definitions of the self-sufficiency.