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Al-Wadad Foundation for Development issued its first issue of the developmental “Business Magazine”, as a contribution to spreading the culture of social charitable work, and an initiative that supports the mission and goals of the foundation to achieve development leadership in the service of the individual, family and society.

Where the (Business Magazine) took from the hadith of the Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family and companions: (Take action …) as its slogan and identity that launches from it to urge and spread good deeds. And the requirements of community development, through articles, studies and research, presenting historical experiences and success stories, in addition to monitoring and documenting the work and activities of the El-Wedad Foundation for Development and its partners in developmental charitable work.

So the magazine emerged in its entirety as a legible and purposeful media outlet published every four months, including various religious, social, historical and news content, as the first issue (Jumada Al-Akhira 1442 AH, January 2021 AD) contained several articles, most notably: (An article on self-sufficiency that deals with the role of the Hadramout school as a model of Models of self-sufficiency, the article on social and charitable work between reality and ambition, the essay on Islam and love of work, the article on shining historical flashes for emulation and development, and the article on the role of the developmental endowment in the development of educational incubators in Islamic civilization), in addition to an introductory file about the Wydad Foundation for Development and its charitable activities, and others Purposeful articles and topics.

A group of scholars, preachers, historians, researchers, media professionals, and those interested in developmental charitable work contributed to writing the magazine.

The magazine’s editorial family welcomes the pens and ideas that would advance the charitable development work, as well as the constructive notes that contribute to the evaluation and development through the titles and the institution’s website.

To download the first issue, enter the following link

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