On the morning of Saturday, Rajab 29, 1442 AH, corresponding to March 13, 2021 AD, Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Mawla Al-Duwailah, Director of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development, received Habib Attas bin Muhammad bin Salem bin Hafeez; Where he began his visit with a quick tour of the foundation’s departments and sections, through which he was acquainted with the most prominent development and charitable activities carried out by the foundation over the past period; He thanked these efforts made in the service of humanitarian work in the country, due to the difficult and bad conditions that the citizen lives in.

At the end of the visit, Al-Habib Attas thanked the management of Al-Wydad Foundation for Development represented by Mr. Abdullah Mawla Al-Duwailah for their tireless and mighty efforts in the service of humanitarian and development work, wishing them continued success and payment in the service of the country and the servants and praying for them all with blessed invitations written for them to facilitate and facilitate in all work affairs and the mission of the institution that seeks to achieve it..