El-Wedad Foundation for Development implements a training course in communication skills and e-marketing

Exclusive: Media of El Wedad Foundation for Development

Within the framework of the qualification, training and human development that we seek, the Wedad Foundation for Development implemented this morning, Thursday 4 Rabi ‘Thani, corresponding to 19 November 2020 AD, a training course in the field of communication skills and e-marketing in the field of media and media for trainer Shihabuddin bin Ali Al-Sirri (member of the Youth Media Council in the United Arab Emirates ) For a number of media, development, religious and educational institutions in Tarim city, Hadramout governorate.

Where he began his talk about the most prominent communication skills and communication with others and how to acquire this skill through vigorous steps to gain this characteristic for the trainees. He also spoke in the course about the media in our contemporary world and the most prominent of what he reached, specifically in social media platforms, and how to deal with it through creating a successful marketing environment and winning A larger audience according to the well-thought-out strategic plan put in place by that institution in its administrative work, and the trainer, Shihab, distributed the persons participating and the trainees of the course to groups in which everyone participates through the establishment of each group or group of their own project in the field of media and media, and how to market this project in a new and modern way that keeps pace with What the media reached in the world of social media, or what is called the contemporary term, new media.

The session was attended by representatives of the following institutions:
The Media Commission in Dar Al-Mustafa Bitarim for Islamic Studies, Islamic Education Ribbons and its educational and professional centers, Al-Legacy of the Prophet satellite channel, Al-Madinah Center for Media Production, Al-Rafah Foundation for Educational and Social Development, Al-Aqiq Foundation for Development, Warf Development Foundation, Al-Asala Heritage Foundation
At the end of the session, the management of the Foundation, represented by its director, Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Mawla Al-Duwailah, honored the trainer Shihab Al-Din bin Ali Al-Sirri for their good efforts in holding this distinguished session. Their various institutions ..