Dr. Professor Abdullah Ba Haron the president of Alahgaf University is a guest in Alwedad foundation for development

Privet / media of Alwedad foundation for development

On Saturday morning on 5th of December within 20th of second Rabi’e the Professor Abdullah Ba Haron the president of Alahgaf university for law scientific with him Dr. Abdullah Awadh bin Sumit the dean of law collage and Dr. Zain Salem bin Agil the manager arrivals affairs in Alahgaf university the item of administrator form in Islamic association in Alwedad building

In the reception was the manager of the foundation Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Mola Aldawilah and round them on the parts of the foundation and knew the main activates and developmental projects in the previous period, and he discussed the faces of cooperation and sharing between Alahgaf university and Alwedad foundation and activate it in future by making charity projects and developmental programs serving the educational operation in the university.

At the end of the visiting Professor Abdullah thanked the administration of the foundation for the good receiving asking god for successes in all the activities and different human works.