Privet / media of Alwedad foundation for development

On Tuesday morning 22nd of first Jamad within 5th of January Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Mola Aldawilah The manager of the foundation with the member of the board of trustees “Saleh Alkateb” received a delegation from Alsahid Bin Habrish foundation for development by its executive manager the engineer Abeer bin Ghodil and financial manager Zaki bin Sa’id the visitors had round on the parts of the foundation and knew during it the most important activates and developmental charity works and improve it where the presents talked about the ways of the cooperation and sharing between the foundations by making developmental activity projects serving the community in all different majors that were with strength and link the working between the foundations by improve and the charity developmental work in our country and internal society and how to strength it in the real life by making that developmental charity projects

At the end of the meeting the visitors thanked the administration of the foundation for the good receiving asking god for successes both of them in all the activities and different human works in the coming days.