Exclusive | The Media Center of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development


Al-Wedad  Foundation for Development  hosted  members of the administrative and medical  staff of Out-reach Clinician Development Organization   who came  from Mukalla city. This staff was represented  by  Abdurrahman Al-Sweini (a board member and officer of outreach activity in the  organization), I’timad  Mohammed bin Shehnah  (CEO), and Reem Ba-Mahdi ( program and project Officer in the organization).   Mr. Abdullah bin Ahmed Mula Al-Dawilah ( CEO of Al-Wedad Foundation for Development) was the first one to welcome the visitors as they arrived to Tarim. This visit was made in coordination with I’mar Foundation for Development.


The visitors started to visit  Aideed Charity Hospital where they were received by Mr. Abdullah bin Ismael Al-Aidaroos,  the Director of  the hospital. He took the visitors on a tour of the hospital departments and enlightened them about the most prominent hospital activities and the medical and service role which the Charity Hospital plays in serving the people in Trim. Then they moved to visit Tarim Hospital where they were received by Mohammed Haddad Al-Kaf, the director of the hospital. He took them on a tour of the hospital departments    and enlightened them about the role of the hospital and the most prominent medical services that the hospital gives attention over the past several years until now. After that, the medical and administrative team of the organization moved to visit the Local Authority of Trim City and they were received by Mohammed Awad Hadi, the Secretary – General of the District. He explained the medical needs in some medical institutions in the District and how to overcome these difficulties by organizing medical camps in different specializations to serve the country and people in the coming days. Then they made a quick visit to the office of culture of the city where they were accompanied by Mr. Abdullah bin Humeidan, the head of the  Office. They are acquainted with the most prominent activities of  the office and the cultural, scientific, and civilizational  role that Tarim had over the past centuries, thereby making it the capital of Islamic culture in 2010.  The third stop in the schedule of visits was  a visit to Al-Ahqaf Library for Manuscripts. Husein Omar Al-Hadi, the Secretary-General of the Library, received them and   talked to them about the rich cultural heritage which the library has.  It has old and  rare  manuscripts which dates back to ancient times, such as   the Abbasid, Umayyad, Ottoman……….., etc. The end of the  morning tour was a visit to the most prominent historic landmark in the city,  Imam  Omar Al-Mihdhar mosque. Its high-rise minaret is the tallest minaret in the world built from mud. They were amazed by the beauty and perfection of mud architecture and creative design of the mosque. In the afternoon, there was a lecture for a  women in Dar Al- Faqih on kidney diseases and prevention.  There was also another lecture in Dar Al-Zahra on breast cancer and how to make self-examination.

On the  following day,  the medical and administrative team of Out-reach Clinician Development Organization    went to Seiyun to give two  awareness lectures. The first one was on menstrual cycle and its impact on study concentration.  The other lecture was on premenstrual syndrome (pms).  The second stop was a visit to the Office of Health and Population in Hadramout Valley where they were received by Hani Khalid Al-Amoodi,  the director of Health Office in the valley and desert.  He listened to them about the most prominent activities of Out-reach Clinician Development Organization    through organizing medical camps and medical convoys which aims to relieve the suffer of community and provide medical and treatment services to them in an excellent and regular way.  The next visit was to Al-Shifa C. E. which is headed by   Fahmi Omar Al- Saqqaf. There was a discussion on the medical  partnerships  with other medical institutions in order to organize medical and successful camps to  meet the needs of the community. The end of these field visits in Seiyun was a visit to  the Minister of Health and Population Mr. Nasir Mohammed Ba-A’oom. In the afternoon, there was a lecture for women   on diabetes and how to prevent it. The lecture was in Halimah Al-Sa’dyyah musalla  (musalla  is a place where Muslims pray).

The end of the  tour of the Out-reach Clinician Development Organization in  Tarim was by giving a   awareness  lecture in Tarim High School for Girls. The lecture was on  breast cancer.  In the afternoon, there was an executive workshop on organizing the general medical camp. The workshop was in the meeting hall in  the new building of Al-Wedad Foundation, the sponsor and host of the visit of Out-reach Clinician Development Organization . Several charities in the field of health, such as  Out-reach Clinician Development Organization, Al-Shifa C.E. ,   Al-Altaf Charity  Charity, Al-Balsam Charity, and Al-Wedad Foundation for Development attended and participated in this workshop.